Info Edge Ventures is a venture capital firm backed by Info Edge and Temasek. We partner with early-stage, tech-enabled start-ups fueling the digital revolution and transforming consumers’ and businesses’ experiences through world-class platforms.

We are ‘entrepreneur first’ in our approach, given that our fund was founded by an entrepreneur and now is being run by an entrepreneurial team that has led investments for Info Edge since 2008, including those in Zomato and Policy Bazaar.

Info Edge ventures

Info Edge ventures, the investment arm of Info Edge started in 2008 as a mission to fuel the digital revolution by partnering with upcoming entrepreneurs and be an active participant in the transforming the consumer experience and delivering superior value through world-class platforms.

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We have been fortunate enough to partner with passionate entrepreneurs across sectors spanning Food-tech, Insure-tech, Web 3.0, Health-tech, Fin-tech, Ed-tech, Agri-tech, and Retail-tech among others. Basis our experience and learnings from these businesses, we invest in tech-enabled ventures and strive to be a long-term partner for the entrepreneurs. We are sector agnostic and continue to look for opportunities in areas wherein internet is changing the old way of doing things.
We invest in the early to growth stage of a company and prefer to be its first institutional investor. We like to participate in the follow-on investments too in our portfolio companies that continue to execute successfully.
We are very flexible about our ticket size. It can range anywhere between USD 200k and USD 5 Mn, depending on the founder’s requirement and the stage of the company.
We look for entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving a problem and want to build an enduring business. While our biggest bet is on the team, a good product-market fit, and some early traction can make your case stronger.
Having been entrepreneur ourselves, we understand it takes time to build a successful business. Often, an overnight success is the result of 10 years of hard work. Hence, we deploy patient capital and do not run impatient if you’re building for the long run. In fact, in some of our oldest investments, we have been invested for 10+ years and continue to invest. Having built multiple internet businesses in India ourselves, on multiple occasions, our founders encounter similar problems that we have faced in the past. They need not reinvent the wheel and can always come to us for guidance. Having said that, we also understand the independence a founder requires while executing his/her vision and thus prefer giving a free hand over decisions, unless otherwise asked from us.